Lamborghini Aventador tuning by the Hamann Motorsport company

Lamborghini Aventador tuning by the Hamann Motorsport company of
The last carried-out car of show in Germany brought many surprises. In the middle of their most perceptible there was a novelty from the Hamann Motorsport tuning company which updated the standard Lamborghini Aventador model. which now is called as Hamann Nervudo.

In the main thing, modernisation external characteristics of the car underwent. There was a new bumper, a spoiler, airabsorbers and thresholds. Now, actually each element of a car possesses karbonovy inserts. For the best cooling tuners took care and made some special openings which are settling down ahead, behind and on a roof. On a front disks by a diameter of 20-inches, and back in 21-lyuym were put. For giving of bigger compatibility, a rim painted in firm colour of the refreshed model.

And the internal state of the car remained seen. Cursor in volume of 12 l. developped horsepowers to 760, and the rotating moment on 47 Nanometers. The refreshed characteristics did not influence in any way change of a design of the motor. Everything remained same, except the latest exhaust system. But about characteristics of the greatest speed any official инфы is not available, what even it is very a pity.

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