Refreshed Opel of Antara

Refreshed Opel of Antara of
Watching how the SUV market in the countries of Europe develops, advertisers of the Opel company shortly gather предстваить and the model – crossover option. And meanwhile there took place modernisation of the acquaintance by much and in our country of Antara.

This krosoover is issued in South Korea, and in the middle of buyers of the western states is not become completely popular from his exit in the 2006th. In our country of its realisation, for example, ended having slightly begun. Here therefore the firm the producer planned actions for updating both internal "stuffing" of the car, and its external shape though outside to distinguish two models – an old standard and new – it is rather difficult. The basic that there is on a look in the newcomer Antara Opel – the modified bumper and a radiatorny lattice, small additions in lighting engineering.

Also a minimum of configurations left and in car salon. Only on a place of the former control lever of the parking brake there was a panel with command keys temperature modes and electromanagements of the parking brake.

Here in what the car outdid many own contemporaries, so it in sound insulation level. It is made now simply magnificently, in salon is silent, as in a limousine. It is improved also steering though if to associate at once on test drive starenky option of model Opel of Antara and new, the difference is not so visible.

And here that on the truth changed car model so this introduction of the new motor which can give out, is dependent on a complete set, 163-184 horsepowers. Results of innumerable tests showed that that cursor not глохнет on small turns, the car exactly and is surely accelerated on each of transfers, without considering the last, the 6th.

At all this the price of model should be very nice, in particular in our country, where very large market of sale.

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