Interpretation of series of criminal cars numbers

Interpretation of series of criminal cars numbers

Who on the road "is more main", "more abruptly" than others. It is a question of so called "criminal" numbers and interpretation of a car of numbers, which different give out to the people approached to the power and the organisations. It is possible to argue much as these numbers are legitimate, it is possible to be indignant naturally, but it is most ideal to understand this small plate and to keep from such cars where far away. If, naturally, your numbers in this plate are not present.

ЕКХ99 – FSO car. A series came to replacement ЕКХ77. During the summit in St. Petersburg FSO hung up on the cars the EKX177 series. At present it lies in a warehouse.

ЕКХ97 – a car of FSO and other departments with suitable immunity.

ХКХ77 – a part of a series at FSB, the part with huge furore was sold.

АМР97 – a series which changed flag numbers (except AAAFL). Appeared after cancellation of special numbers with a tricolour. The eighth hundred part (а7ххмр97) – FSB. the 1st two 10 – the government, the 3rd ten – Presidential Administration (namely being VAAFL). A series AAAFL which ФСОшная also hung on cars of the top officials of the country and their provozhdayushchy, was replaced with a lot of ordinary numbers in the 177th region. Here and ТРК177, ХРК177, ООТ177, Head of FSO hung up for itself ЕКХ99.

АОО77, ВОО77, МОО77, СОО77 – a car of motor depots of a motor transport service of UD of the President. If the car with a beacon, it фельды, and on the road cars with such numbers had no advantages and is not present.

КОО77 – the part and was earlier at the Constitutional court, and after cancellation of "flags", numbers of this series hung up заместо AAKFL on cars without beacons.

АКР177, ВКР177, ЕКР177, ККР177 – numbers with which changed a large quantity of the cars which were earlier going by blue. АКР177 and ВКР177 – it seems all left on change, concerning other series there is an outlook that the part came to private traders.

ЕРЕ177 – about 300 numbers left in the State Duma on change of "flag".

МР77. Here everything is more difficult. After introduction of "blue" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs began an action of sale of the numbers AMP77, ВМР77, КМР77, ММР77, ОМР77, ТМР77 (voobshchy this series for astronauts), УМР77. But a part of cars (namely on АМР77, КМР77 and ММР77) remained in the subordinated management. There is at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB. But even if this car on a private trader, it is usually very reasoned (the instruction, "it is sonorous to the friend", face demonstration, after which IDPS takes under a peak).

РМР77 – the Ministry of Justice. FSIN, prosecutor’s office and so forth.

АМО77 – actually all cars belong to the city hall of Moscow.

НАА99, ТАА99, САА99, ХАА99 – the cars "closed" in bases (POPIZ – by the letter of inquiry). Practically all – at transport of the belonging FSB, to different scientific research institute and "mail boxes". Is and at abrupt private traders. Also there is an outlook that the part of numbers left to the people passing on an aaplet of protection of eyewitnesses. In most cases without any beacons go, and to meet them it is possible on the most various cars: from S600 to zarzhavely "six".

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