Car stealing by means of a sheet of paper…

The department of safety pays the attention that, according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the small town of Moscow, in the capital cases of stealing of cars the subsequent method became frequent. Offenders attach a sheet of paper to back glass of the parked car. The owner, usually, notices it not to a descent, but only when already got a cursor and before getting under way, has a look in a rear-view mirror. Suddenly he finds out that the review is blocked unclear from where by the undertaken hindrance. In that situation natural reaction of the majority – to leave the car and to clean a sheet of paper. As this business of several seconds, not enough who will begin to suppress a cursor, to take out a key from the ignition lock, to close doors… It offenders also use. As the owner will come nearer to a cowl, they jump in salon of the car and leave. Having noticed the sheet of paper attached to back glass or other hindrance, under no circumstances it is not necessary to leave car salon! It is necessary to leave immediately from a place of a parking and to clean paper later where you will be in safety. Be attentive and show care esteemed car owners!

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