What mean a reduction car?

What mean a reduction car?
The certain reductions meeting in descriptions of options of Japanese cars:

4F (4 floor manual transmission) – 4-step MKPP
4C/t – a 4-speed Box the machine gun
5F (5 floor manual transmission) – 5-step MKPP
Абс – anti-lock braking system – anti-blocking system of brakes
AC (A/C) – air conditioner – кондюк
ACL (air cleaner) – an air purifier
ANT (antenna) – the aerial
AR (air bag) – a safety airbag
AT – automatic transmission – the Box the machine gun
AW (A/W) – alloy wheels – cast disks
CD – compact disk player – the CD player
CL (C/L) – central locking – the central lock
CS – cassette stereo – a radio tape recorder
D-diesel – a diesel engine
DM (door mirror) – a mirror on a door
DR – door – a door (for example, 5DR – the 5th dverny car, 3DR – the 3rd dverny car)
EW (E/W) – electric windows – electronic window regulators
F5 (floor manual 5 speed) – 5-step MKPP
FL – fuel – fuel
FL (F/L) – fog lamps – protivotumanka
FS (F/S) – front spoiler – a face-to-face spoiler
G-gasoline – petrol
GG (G/G) – grille guard – an arch
H/B – hatch back – a hatchback
KE (K/E) – keyless entry – opening of doors without keys
LB – log book – the log (the service book)
MT – manual transmission – МКПП
P/U – pick up – a pickup
PM (P/M) – power mirror – electroadjustment of mirrors
PPS (progressive power steering) – an effort control system on a wheel
PS (P/S) – power steering – the power steering
PW (P/W) – power window – electronic window regulators
RC (R/C) – radio/cassette – a radio tape recorder
RS (R/S) – rear spoiler – a back spoiler
RW (R/W) – rear wiper – a back screen wiper, "sweeper"
S/D – sedan – the car
S/H – seat heater – heating of seats
S/P – sports – a sport car
SKR – skylite roof – a "glass" roof (it is a lot of hatches, "aquarium")
SR (S/R) – sun roof – the hatch
SS (S/S) – side spoiler – a lateral spoiler
ST – stereo – a stereo
STR – stereo cassette player & radio – a radio tape recorder
T/R = truck – the truck
TM (T/M) – transmission – a box
TR – transmission – a box
W/G = wagon – the versatile person
WS (wheel steer) – operated wheels
YR – year – year

Certain inscriptions and reductions which can be met on cars of Japanese production. The founder – Korniyenko of Page B.

And – ampere (s) – ampere
Абс – anti-blocking system of brakes
А/С (air conditioner) – air кондюк
ASS – position of the lock of ignition (the screen wiper, radio, the lighter is included)
(accessary) ASS – an additional food
ACCEL (accelerator) – an accelerator pedal
ACL (air cleaner) – an air purifier
ADJ – ADJUST – adjustment
A/F (air fuel ratio) – structure of a fuel and air consistence
AIR FLOW METER – the sensor of a consumption of air
ALB – anti-blocking system
ALT (alternator) – the generator
ALT (altitude) – height
AM 1 – a food of the first group of contacts of the lock of ignition
AM 2 – a food of the 2nd group of contacts of the lock of ignition
AMR – see. And
ANT (antenna) – the aerial
APS – a rewind mode "pause autosearch" in the tape recorder
ASM (assembly) – assembly
And/t – an automatic box
ATDC – after the top dead point
ATF (automatic transmission fluid) – liquid for an automatic box
ALTO (automatic) – automatic
In (battery) – the battery
BACK UP – a backing
BAND – a range (at a radio receiver)
BARO (barometric pressure) – atmospheric pressure
VAT – see. In
BEAM – far light
BELT – a belt
BLOWER MOTOR – the motor of a heater of salon (it – the conditioner)
BOOST – vacuum size in an inlet collector
BRAKE – a brake
BREAKER – a thermal breaker (a safety lock of numerous act)
BTDS – to the top dead point
With – see CONTROL
SAS (charge air coder) – a cooler of soaked-up air
CAM-CAMSHAFT – a camshaft
CC – cubic centimetre
CDS FAN (condenser fan motor) – the fan motor, kondensor cooling (a radiator кондюка)
CHECK – check
CHECK CONNECTOR – the verifying socket
CHG – CHARGE – a charging
CHOKE – an air zaslonka
CI – the central injection
CIG FUSE – a lighter safety lock
SKR (crankshaft position) – the provision of a cranked shaft
SMN (cold mixture heater) – a heater of a fuel consistence
SMR (camshaft position) – the provision of a cam-shaft
FROM (carbon monoxide) – a carbon oxide
COLD – cold
CONTROL – management
CRANK (crankshaft) – a cranked shaft
D-DRIVE – movement
DEF (defogger) – a razmorazhivatel, heating of back (face-to-face) glass
DI (distributor ignition) – to distribute ignitions
DITRIBUTOR – a trambler
DOHC (double overhead camshaft) – a double cam-shaft in a block head
DOME – the panel of devices, salon
DOOR CONTROL – management of a door
DOWN – down
DTS (diagnostic trouble code) – self-diagnostics codes
DTM (diagnostic tast mode) – diagnostics mode
E-END – (fuel) end
Е-EARTH – "earth" (case)
EAI – supply of air in final system
EVSM (electronic brake control module) – the electric control unit brakes
ESS (emission control computer) – the control unit emissions (evaporations) of the motor
ECI – electric central injection (too CI)
ESM (engine control module) – see ECV
ECON – ECONOMY – economical (operating mode)
Eats (electronic control transmission) – an electric uchravleniye with a box
Eats (engine coolant temperature) – motor temperature
ECU (electric control unit) – the electronic control unit
EFI – electric injection of fuel
EGR (exhaust gas i ^circulation) – return of exhaust gases
ENG – ENGINE – a cursor
EPS – electric management of shock-absorbers
EST-S – see. Eats
EVAP (evaporative) – suction system паров (from a fuel tank)
F (front) – before
F (full) – full (fuel level)
F (or FF). FORWARD – forward
FAST – is prompt
FAN MOTOR – the fan motor
FAN I/UP RELAY – the relay of increase in turns of idling at turning on of the fan
FC (FCUT) – FUEL CUT – a fuel otsechka
FL (fusible link) – a safety insert
FLUID – liquid
FOG LIGHTS – protivotumanka
FREE – is free
FUEL – fuel
FUEL PAMP – the fuel pump
FUSE – a safety lock
FUSIBLE LINK – the safety line
FWD (front wheel drive) – a face-to-face drive
GAUGE – the sensor
GLOG PLUG – a glow plug
N (hard) – it is aggressive (a suspension bracket mode)
N (hocr) – hour
N or Hi (high) – highest (turns), the highest (transfer, temperature)
Us (high altitude compensation) – system of compensation of atmospheric pressure
HAI (hot air system) – system of supply of hot air in an inlet collector (at operation of the motor on a hard frost)
HAZ (hazard) – the alarm system
HEAD LN – the left headlight
HEAD RH – the right headlight
HEAD RH LWR – the right headlight of close light
HEAD RH UPR – the right headlight of far light
HORN – a signal
NOTES – hot
HTR (heater) – a heater
IAC (idle air control) – management of air in an idling mode
IDL (idle) – idling
IDL/UP – see I/UP
IG (IGN) – igniter – the switchboard
IG (IGN) – ignition – ignition
IGNITION COIL – the ignition coil
ON – ignition integral assemble – integrated assembly of ignition
INJECTOR – an injector
INT – interval – an interval
I/UP – idle up – increase of turns of idling
L (low) – low (turns), low (transfer, temperature)
L (left) – left (a mirror, situation)
LEVEL – level
LF (left front) – left face-to-face
LH (left a hand) – the left hand
LO – see L
LOCK – blocking
LR (left rear) – left back
LS (left side) – left lateral
M (medium) – the middle
M (memory) – memory
M (minute) – minute
M see MANU
MAP (mass air flow) – a measuring instrument of volume of air
MAIN RELAY – the main relay
MAN – see MANU
MANU – manual (management, adjustment)
MS (mixture control) – management of consistence structure
MIL (malfunction avtoindent.ru indicator lamp) – a lamp of malfunction ("check")
MIRROR – a rear-view mirror
MODE – a mode choice
MPI – multipoint injection
M/t – a mechanical box
N-neutral – neutral (situation)
N-normal – usual (condition)
O/D – over drive – the overestimated transfer
2 WAY 0/D – automatic shutdown of the overestimated transfer
ONS – (overhead camshaft) – a cam-shaft in a head of the block of cylinders
OFF – is switched off
OIL – oil
ON – is included
OX SENSOR – the oxygen sensor
R – PARKING – parking
RSV (POWER CB) – power control block – the power control unit (usually the control unit doors, glasses)
PCV (positive crancase ventilation) – system of ventilation of a case
PPS (progressive power steering) – an effort control system on a wheel
PRE HEATING TIMER – a timer of preparatory heating (usually glow plugs)
PUMP – the pump
PULL – to pull
PUSH – to press
PWR (power) – moshchnostny a mode
QUICK – is prompt
R (return) – return, back
R (right) – right (a mirror, situation)
RDI FAN (radiator fan motor) – the motor of the fan of a radiator of cooling of the motor
REAR DOOR – a back door
REAR WASHER MOTOR – the motor of a back otmyvatel of glass
REAR WINDOW DEFOGGER – a heater of back glass
RELAY – the relay
RESET – installation
REV (reversal) – direction change
RICH – rich (mix)
R.P.M. – turns in a minute
RR – REAR – back (for example, RRDEF – a back razmorazhivatel)
RTR MOTOR – retract motor – the motor of opening closing of headlights of S (soft) – myagenkiya
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) – society of a car of engineers
SEAT HTR – seat heater – heating of seats
SEEK – search
SELECT – (mode) choice
SENSOR – the sensor
SET – installation
SLOW – is sluggish
SOHC (single overhead camshaft) – one cam-shaft in a block head
SPD – SPEED – speed
Sports (S) – sports (mode)
ST – STARTER – a starter
SUN ROOF – the hatch in a car roof
S/W (switch) – the switch
TAIL – dimensional (fires)
TV (throttle body) – the butterfly valve block
TEMS (Toyeta electronic modolated suspension) – see EPS
TDS (top dead centre) – the top dead point
TEMP (temperature) – temperature
THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR – the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
THA – temperature heat air – air temperature
TGH – temperature of exhaust gases
THW – temperature heat water – water temperature ("Antifreeze")
TRN – TURN – turn
TURN RELAY – the relay of turns
UP – up
VACUUM SENSOR – the vacuum sensor
VALVE – the valve
VSV (vacum solenoid valve) – the electric valve on the vacuum highway
WARMER – a heater
W (warning) – the prevention
WASHER – a washer
WATER – water
WD (wheel drive) – driving wheels
WIPER – a screen wiper
WINDOW flew down
WS (wheel steer) – operated wheels
4WD (four wheel drive) – a full drive
4C/t – a four-high-speed automatic box

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