Toning of glasses

Toning of glasses
Can happen that the inspector will suspend your car, having caught sight from far away of tinted glasses. At all this it can claim, that you removed toning, on another it will remove your numbers. Such requirement of the inspector illegally because the resolution of Council of ministers — the Governments of the Russian Federation from 10/23/1993 of No. 1090 «About traffic regulations» testifies to the subsequent: It agrees пт 11 operation of cars, buses, road trains, trailers, bikes, mopeds, tractors and other self-propelled cars if their technical condition and the equipment do not meet the requirements of the List of defects and criterion at which hardware operation is forbidden is forbidden. The designated list is the annex to the Main provisions. Пт 7.3. The list hardware operation if on it additional subjects are established is forbidden or the coverings limiting visibility from a place of the driver are put. But it is authorised to use tinted glasses (not including mirror) which sveto-transmission corresponds to state standard specification 5727-88. Not including that, it is possible to put a jalousie and shtorka on back glasses if from 2 parties there are rear-view mirrors.

Configurations to state standard specification 5727-88, approved by Gosstandart Resolution from 8/27/2001 of No. of 353-St and installed with 1/1/2002 foresee sveto-transmittivity of the glasses providing visibility for the driver, more than 75 % for windscreens and 70 % for other glasses. For derogation from this norm civilian responsibility is provided. The part 1 of article 12.5 KOAP for management of a vehicle in the presence of defects or criterion at which operation is forbidden, foresees the prevention or a penalty at a rate of 100 rubles.

Why the inspector threatens to remove registration plates? The matter is that article 27.13 KOAP foresees cases of detention of the hardware and a prohibition of its operation. According to the Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation from 12/18/2003 No. 759 «About the statement of Rules of detention of the hardware, its placement on parking, storages, also prohibitions of its operation» hardware detention — this temporary compulsory termination of use the hardware which is including (in case of impossibility of elimination of the precondition of detention on a place of identification of an administrative offence) its placement on specialised parking — specially taken away a protected place of storage of the detained hardware (specialised parking). But all this not reason for removal of numbers. The detention of the hardware can be carried out only at commission of the offences provided by articles 12.3.1, 12.5.2, 12.7.1, 12.7.2, 12.8.1, 12.8.3, 12.19.4, 12.26.1 KOAP Russian Federation. Remove registration plates the car inspector can from your car if the offences provided by articles 12.1.1, 12.1.2, 12.5.2 KOAP Russian Federation are made.

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