Passing THAT of

Passing THAT of
Many motorists cautiously treat procedure of passing of checkup, ждя from it innumerable opposite surprises. We think, no surprises will meet you on a traffic police threshold if you beforehand perfectly are prepared for checkup, and greatly will prepare own car. At first, it is necessary to know that survey of your car will occur in a place of its registration, including the time. It is necessary to hold in the head also that for each type of the hardware, including cars, the, certain periodicity of carrying out checkup which should be observed is established. Keep in mind that all terms designated below start to be estimated from the date of carrying out the first checkup: – automobile cars which are used for transportation of passengers on commercial base, pass checkup each 6 months; – automobile the car with the resolved greatest weight to 3,5 tons which were registered and own 1st checkup passed till December 31 of the year subsequent after a year of their production, pass checkup in 36 months.
If since a year of release of such cars passed less than 7 years (including a year of release), they pass check in traffic police each 24 months if passed more than 7 years (taking into account a year of release) each 12 months. Also every year pass hardware checkup on which installation of special signals is allowed, and what are created for training to driving. Own 1st checkup of a car pass within 30 days after registration in the State traffic inspectorate. If there were unexpected incidents (business trip, an illness and so forth), term of granting the car can be prolonged for the 1st checkup, but by all means strive on the documents confirming these incidents.
Having dealt with terms, the motorist should see to it about that all documents which it is necessary to provide in the State traffic inspectorate for the correct passing it the checkup car, were ready and were in a full order: 1. The document proving the identity. Usually, documents the passport is such, but the military personnel in this case can show the identity card and the certificate on registration in the place of residence in a form 8 and the military ID, refugees and the obliged immigrants the certificate issued by body of Federal migratory service Russian Federation, and foreigners and persons without nationality national passports or residence permits which were registered in law-enforcement bodies. In this case, if the passport is lost, instead of it the existing temporary identity card in a form 2П which stands out law-enforcement bodies can be shown. 2. The driver’s licence with permission to the right of management of the car shown on technical inspection. 3. Honey the reference of the established form. 4. The document confirming the right of possession, use and (or) orders the car. 5. Certificate on registration of the car or log and (or) technical coupon. 6. The receipt (payment order) on payment of the state duty for issue of the coupon about checkup passing. 7. Insurance policy of neotklonimy insurance of civilian responsibility of the owner of the hardware.  
In this case, if your hardware is equipped with any special light and sound signals, it is necessary to present the registration documents made by State inspection, supplied with respective record (stamp). If advertising is put on the car, it is meaningful to take care of providing the contract with the advertiser (advertising by the distributor). It is especially necessary to note that all documents should be written truly and clearly, erasures, the additions, the crossed-out words, not discussed corrections under no circumstances are not allowed. Also the documents executed by a pencil will not be considered. It is necessary to hold in the head that surnames, names and patronymics in documents should be provided absolutely, truly designated the place of residence, and names of legal entities should be written without reductions and with the accurate indication of legal addresses. Having prepared documents for checkup, it is necessary to pay close attention to the car. During checkup experts by all means will check the first-aid kit about presence of all the pharmaceutical means necessary and suitable for use, a fire extinguisher expiration date (if it expired, it is necessary to get new) and existence of a sign of an emergency stop, and then will be engaged in the general condition of the car therefore it it is necessary to track that all light equipment, yard keepers, window regulators, screen wipers, systems of heating and обдува a windscreen, antisplash aprons, yard keepers, a sound signal, belts, antisolar peaks, glasses and rear-view mirrors, the traction coupling device and seats were in good repair. As check of toxicity of exhausts is necessary to your car, it is necessary to adjust WITH and car SN. Not including that, will not prevent to paint or change everything that in time after previous passing checkup underwent corrosion; to wash up all car, including wheels, a cursor and numbers. At checkup the general condition of the car, its brake system (density of brake hoses, factor of unevenness of brake forces of wheels of axes, the general specific brake force, system of the alarm system of a brake drive, effort on governing bodies), steering (check of the power steering, gaps in connections of details, a total free wheeling in operating management, braids of an operating wheel, absence of breakthroughs or jammings at rotation of an operating wheel), a cursor and its systems, a condition of wheels (disks, tyres, pressure of air, a condition of a frame, springs, fastening of kardanny transfer and so forth), the light-signal equipment (headlights, a mode of their work, force and light direction, switching off signalling devices) will be tested.
Be refused passing of checkup can in this case if it will be revealed that: – the marking put on the car at manufacturing, was covered, changed or destroyed; – the exposed documents, registration signs were forged; – the car and number units do not correspond to registration data or data, – specified in documents; – the car, the number unit are wanted, and the exposed documents are registered in the middle of lost (stolen).
Except refusal in issue of the coupon about checkup passing, in these cases registration numbers will be removed from the car. In this case, if the hardware without troubles passed state checkup, professionals of traffic police the coupon about its passing stands out. Comprehensive insurance registration on ph. +7 (495) 984-38-89, promptly.: To get the Coolfort CF autorefrigerator.

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