Car xenon lamps of

Car xenon lamps of
For what the xenon lamp was created?
In most cases road accidents happen as a result of disgusting illumination of a paving. Then safety of passengers and comfortable driving seriously depends on degree of illumination of a paving. It is possible to solve this dely by means of installation of lamps bigger capacities, or additional headlights. But, such decisions far are not faultless. Load of the generator and electric power waste seriously grows. The best exit in this situation – to establish printsipno other lamps of lighting, such as to HID-Lamp (metallogalogenovy). Lamps of that type are known in the world under the title of the xenon.

What is the xenon lamp?
The main part of a xenon lamp is the gas-discharge test tube filled with a consistence of inert gases into which structure xenon comes. That lamp has no incandescence thread, light appears as a result of an impulse between 2 electrodes. The most significant discrepancy in use of xenon lamps – the high-voltage impulse (can reach 25 000 In) for arch inclusion is necessary. Worldwide only a few companies could solve this problem. For today and in the Russian Federation could solve this dely, having developed the new device «Xenia 12-35», reduced called as EPRA (an abbreviation from the electric pusko-regulating device). This device for розжига lamp arches is used. In the middle of pluses of EPRY it should be noted essentially the best power characteristics, even in comparison to zabugorny analogues. The device spends much less current from an onboard network of the car in all modes, this advantage allows to connect it without horror and not to be afraid of an overload. Even if in your car there are no special devices of electronic protection, EPRA will measuredly work even at severe differences of tension (7-24 In, with jumps to 60 In). Also has no value, the Russian car at you or the import car. Introduction in a design of EPRY of a symmetric exit for the highest tension allows to reduce the short-term high-voltage loading rendered on wires and connectors in 2 times. That approach allows does not worry about wires and safety of all system (without EPRY massive impulses can destroy isolation). For today sets for alteration of optics of your car under xenon lamps are started in creation. Sets are issued for the subsequent lamps: Н4, Н1, Н7, 9006, 9005, D2S, D2R.

Why xenon lamps it is better ordinary?
Lamps of that type exhale essentially more light (in 2 times), than halogen, besides electricity consumption at them is essential less, and means less and load of the generator. Perfectly shined road cloth helps the driver, and the saved resources of a food of the car it is possible guide at other needs. Xenon lamps also lower the harm put by exhaust gases to environment. Why? The smallest electricity consumption lowers a consumption of fuel, and means also amount of exhaust gases. Light radiated by lamps actually that, as well as day. Invariable researches showed the fascinating fact: the driver of the car equipped with xenon lamps, keeps control of a situation on the road much better, light of a lamp reflects road signs and a marking it is better, than traditional lamps.

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