Car tuning – than it threatens the driver of

Car tuning - than it threatens the driver of
Car tuning — this very widespread and prestigious direction for today. But not each inspector of traffic police will support your admiration of ottyuningovanny car. For example, you can establish the sports wheel costing a heap of means and being very fashionable and stylish by your car. The inspector of traffic police can be and will admire it, but after all will prohibit hardware operation because your acts fall under article 12.5.2 KOAP Russian Federation. And it is concrete:« Management of a vehicle with in advance faulty managing director of management». The same article the inspector can accuse to you in case you establish extraordinary tyres or disks on your hardware. Even simple overlays for pedals can cause a storm of feelings in the inspector after that it with nezapyatanny conscience will fine you. If your model of the car does not foresee back disk brakes, and you after all established them (for example, on VAZ 2106), your car can simply bring on penal parking. Even the simple nozzles of a stekloomyvatel supplied with malekhanky bulbs of blue colour, can provoke a penalty because it will be very difficult to you to get out of the irritating inspector who will ask:« What it at you on the car for fires of blue colour?» . Not including that you pay a penalty, you can deprive of the rights to term of 1-1,5 years with confiscation of these devices. Not including that, installation of blue marker lights, a protivotumanok though what colour, not including snow-white and yellowish, is excluded. Even neon illumination of number, being shone thresholds and a bulb on a tip of the aerial can serve as the precondition of that the inspector of traffic police will carp at you.

Certain car owners establish sports final system on the hardware. She allows to create the noise which is very similar for operation of the motor of a sport car. But GOST R41.51-99 prohibits similar acts therefore also operation of that hardware is forbidden. The penalty otherwise threatens. In case your model of the car does not foresee existence of xenon bulbs, and you contrary to everything established them, they also can become the precondition for cavils of the car inspector. All designated above the reason can become not only only the precondition of penalties and other problems which can wait for you on a post of traffic police and to become discrepancy during checkup. Here therefore strictly observe traffic regulations, also manufacturer summaries in what it is registered, whether it is possible to establish on your hardware that or another «наворот».

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