New know-how of barsetochnik of

About that technology of theft of bags from cars we yet did not hear! How baranochniki-conservative arrive? Usually they work in pair: one distracts the victim, another drags at this time a bag. The traditional case occurred few years back to my acquaintance: the bag lies on back sitting, doors in the car are not locked. The pleasant young man is knocked on a driver’s window and asks to explain how to pass in library. While familiar to it talks, the workmate бандюгана a beret a bag from back sitting and it is weakened leaves. – the victim and it is not necessary to distract other option: certain happen are so carefree that can leave, for example, the car to fill in in a tank an omyvayka, and valuable things at all this to throw in not locked car. The cover of a cowl serves as reliable cover for criminals! But capital barsetochnik are not at a stop and povsevremenno invent new schemes. This is obviously developed in cooperation with car thieves which long since mastered signal interception with a brelka of the alarm system of the car. After work you sit down in the car, get it that got warm, and leave to clean glasses from snow. You leave a bag in the car and for its destiny do not worry: on a parking it is empty, and the usual scheme "one asks the road, another suffices a bag" with you will not work. But here the alarm system publishes a familiar sound – the car neither from that, nor from it is closed. Keys, mobile phone, all things снутри. Around not a soul. What it is necessary to do? Only to go back to an office, to call someone who will manage to bring a spare set of keys. It is necessary to say, what, having come back to the car, you will find it already open and without valuable things снутри? Say, such scheme becomes very popular in Moscow soon. Be vigilant Pochetayemye car owners!

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