How to remove restriction of speed of 180 km h on Japanese cars?

Japanese cars according to the Japanese legislation cannot gather capacity more than 280 h.p. and the speed surpassing 180 km/h. Restriction of speed "is sewn up" in ECU – the control unit. To remove restriction it is possible reprogramming (Chip tuning) or by means of special devices.
Let’s make out two devices:
1. HKS SLD (Speed Limit Defencer). This small-sized device is specially created for restriction removal in speed of the car. It is connected to the ECU block. Allows the car to show the real speed. The price in the rising sun Country: ~ $110

2. Apexi Rev Speed Meter. Purpose of this device from Apexi G-Sensor-ohm to fix time of dispersal of 0-100/200/300 km/h, time of passing of a distance of 0-100/200/300/400 m with the indication of speed, turns, tension аккумов. Keeps the best results. The device малогабаритен, the fine blue screen demonstrates information in a digital, analogue or graphic mode. Shows motor capacity. It is comfortable for viewing of results in dynamics when tuning. This device can activate on the aspects entered beforehand (achievement of value of speed, for example) other devices and systems: system закиси nitrogen etc. Suits to actually though to what Japanese cars. To remove restriction of speed – pleasant addition of abilities. The price in the rising sun Country: ~ $260

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