Reddish back dimensions

Reddish back dimensions of
Slightly earlier the government of the Russian Federation accepted configurations in Traffic regulations which prohibited to use a car with back light devices of reddish colour, recommending only yellowish and orange colours. In total anything, but only the unlimited number of the foreign cars which have been completely legitimately imported into Russia in the main thing from the USA, Canada and the rising sun Country, and very successfully being maintained in our country, are supplied with reddish povorotnik and, such makary, it appeared under a ban. There is not enough of that, even starenky Russian cars «GAZ-21, 24», also «VAZ-2101, 2102», equipped with back dimensions of reddish colour, at once reincarnated in "illegal immigrants". But owners of "non-standard" cars, погоревав certain time, made the decision to fight for "happiness" without the aid of others and together: the country the protest wave against it practically overflowed innovations to which the government should react and changed the formulation soon disputable пт the subsequent words: «Operation if on the hardware are established is forbidden… behind — lamps of a backing and illumination of a municipal registration sign with fires though what colour, not including snow-white, and other light devices with fires though what colour, not including reddish, yellowish or orange…». So reddish lamps practically won for themselves the right to existence!

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