The car on parking

The car on parking of
The parking choice — is important point. Here occasionally there are inspectors of traffic police therefore you should take care of protection of own car. Often happens that заместо professional protection on parking employ teenagers or alcoholics, the last will work «for a bottle», and teenagers hardly will protect your car in case of arrival of robbers. To your car on such parking to anybody affairs are not present, people payment interests, therefore you should think perfectly before choosing parking for the car. Most ideal if you will make with employees of the parking which have pleasant to you the contract, according to which your car the separate place will be defined. The contract can be both written, and oral. According to the contract nobody has the right to take a place of your car even in this case if you do not arrive on parking. Precautionary measures which will be described below, are not excessive:
1. Ask protection to make visual survey of the car. Later, if suddenly by your car there will be traces of mechanical damage of a body or lack of details, you can make a complaint to watchmen;
2. By all means ask, that guard distances to you the check for fee. In case something occurs to your car, the check will be the unique confirmation that it stole from parking or unscrewed a bumper on parking;
3. Do not leave in the car documents on it, the driver’s licence and other documents. Remember that in case of stealing thieves can not throw out your documents, and skilfully them dispose. For this purpose to be useful to them the familiar notary who in the most rather short terms while you did not submit the application to militia about stealing, will issue the general power of attorney on though what person. And it can be not indispensable the thief, and the ordinary person to whom can realise the car, having very much underestimated cost. Such makary while your cars will find, it already can realise or strike off the register;
4. It is not necessary to leave valuable things and means in the car;
5. If the car is equipped with the alarm system, by all means include it. Happens that guard demand to disconnect the alarm system —   do not follow their tastes, or convince them of the return and if it will not turn out, replace parking.

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