Choice of a car of the GPS navigator

Choice of a car of the GPS navigator
Many of you, for certain met, the integrated GPS navigators in expensive foreign cars. During the current time of a car GPS navigators long since stopped to be innovation, after all the GPS system long since practises in the world, including in our country. Operation of GPS devices, namely and a car of GPS receivers is based on continuous functioning of 24 satellites of system of global positioning of GPS. The signal is transferred on open frequency, navigators determine co-ordinates of a point by which gps to within 3-5 metres. Cars GPS navigators allow car owners to plan normally the routes of trips as on the small town, and countryside. Present for itself that you appeared on business trip in absolutely in another’s small town and you need to reach a certain place but how there to reach you do not understand. By means of a GPS navigator car you will reach an objective the best route. 

On what aspects it is necessary to choose for itself a car the GPS navigator: 
– Memory size. The more memories, the better. After all the more will be details and other trifles on your card, the it will claim for more memory. Well and special cards in what there is a support of automatic laying of a route, too are very exacting to memory of a car of GPS of a naviagotor. Therefore the extent of cartographical memory should be more than 64 Mb. 

– Automatic laying of a route (AutoRouting). This function allows to generate the machine gun a route from a point of the current location to пт missions. As a point of mission can act defined адресок, the city, the street, POI, etc. Function is supported only when loading in the navigator of special cards which contain more detailed information on customs of roads, outcomes, traffic signs. 

– Existence of sound helps. Sound warning signals, inform the driver on coming nearer turn, a descent from a route or about arrival in mission point. In modern receivers sound signals are changed by the voice helps reporting, how many metres remained before turn or to a final point. 

– Acceptable points (Waypoints). The quantity of acceptable points should be more than five hundred. The description of each point includes the title (it is recommended to enter more than 6 signs) and an icon for display on the card. The acceptable point can be applied as a terminal point of mission at route calculation 

– Points of enthusiasm (Points of Interest). In the beginning in memory it is put a little тыщ by POI which include filling station, traffic police posts, repair trucks, shops, restaurants, hotels, the entertaining centres, etc. The library of points can be supplemented with firm CD. 

– Tracks (Tracks). It is a way passed by the user, always the machine gun registers in memory of the receiver. The quantity of kept points in a track should be more than 2000. In modern models this parametre is increased to 10 000. Certain receivers allow to adjust frequency of record of points, having chosen one of characteristics of the period of record: the machine gun, on time or on distance between adjoining points. In almost all Garmin receivers the unique TrackBack function allowing the user to repeat the passable way in both directions is realised 

– Existence of the computer interface. Despite of self-sufficiency of a car of GPS devices, it is necessary to provide their communication with the computer, by means of this interface you can keep points, tracks, routes on the computer. It is possible to load into the receiver of the card, a point, the routes kept earlier or acquired from other users of GPS receivers also. 

– External food. Connection is usually carried out in the lighter socket. It is necessary to direct attention to existence in a set of respective cables. 

– Big screen. For the driver it is necessary truly and to accept information deduced from GPS receivers promptly. Therefore the sizes of the screen and applied fonts in particular are important. 

– Naruzhny aerial. The aerial established on a roof of the car, provides more high-quality and reliable reception, allowing to define a position even in the dense wood or nearby high-rise constructions. 

– Fastening. For harmless driving and comfortable navigation the GPS receiver needs to be fixed firmly in car salon.
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