10 precepts of night driving and night driving of the car

The statistics is ruthless: the risk to get to accident by a night approximately twice above, than in the afternoon. Vobshchem if for a wheel the most experienced driver observing described below rules, nothing to happen.

1. About headlights. If the car has no automatic adjustment of headlights or the "clever" suspension bracket which is watching the provision of a body over darling before a night trip adjust light without the aid of others. At one passenger on a back sofa, put a regulator of the hydroproof-reader on figure "1". If two – on "2" there were arranged. At the loaded luggage carrier expose "3". Do not blind drivers of passing cars through avtoindent.ru a mirror. Switch off far light when sit down on a tail to any car.
2. About a windscreen. Time in a month wash it to crystal purity from both parties, oil stains and an easy raid грязищи, completely invisible in the afternoon, a night refract light of counter cars in blinding "fogs".
3. About twilight. Include a passing beam even before coming of night.
4. About travel with the passer. Before travel transfer a foot from an accelerator on a brake. At unexpected threat this measure will reduce time of reaction for braking.
5. About one headlight. Beforehand we accept the worst option: abnormal motorist. And the one and only headlight we will consider it as the RIGHT headlight.
6. About impudent persons. Parting with the impudent person, look it is sensitive sideways, on a roadside. So will avoid complete dazzle even from far light.
7. About liftings and descents. Approaching on lifting, remember that if from above, on a hillock crest to seem the counter car, it will inevitably blind you even a passing beam. To it be ready.
8. About the unfamiliar road. If a night go on the unfamiliar road, each turn perceive as terrible. Night reduces a point of view and accuracy of perception.
9. About cargo murderers. Be careful of night trucks. Their real sizes not always coincide with the designated marker lights.
10. About itself. On a far trip it is possible to keep a narrow slice of a lemon under language to raise a sharpness of night sight.

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