Lada Kalina in a brand new look

Lada Kalina in a brand new look
Lada Granta is improved Lada Kalina by which about 400 details are added. The car became truly many times better than former cars of AVTOZAZ leaving from concern, but after all to perfection to the car is still far. Brand new Lada of the Grant is equipped the greatest complete set: firm leather salon, the touch screen supplied with function of navigation, also the hatch on a roof, бортовик and system climate – control. In the central console the radio tape recorder comfortably settled down. The car is equipped with an adjustable seat that is just necessary at long-term driving. The traction device or a turnbuckle on the Grant, it is intended for towage of the hardware or trailers. On the car the special sphere and a vertical special head is established. Lada of the Grant is supplied with a turnbuckle which use for towage of trailers in weight to three. tons. The turnbuckle, according to standards, is attached to the lower part of the car or a frame. This mechanism provides except connection mechanical besides electronic connection of the equipment of the towed trailer. The modifed box, can amuse future owners myagenky switching of speeds. The box as before mechanical, but in development of residents of Togliatti already is automatic акпп that, of course, will be more functional than the previous.
The Lada car of the Grant is equipped with eight klapanny motor which on roads behaves even quicker. The Grant Lada car a little concedes to "twelfth" and "tens" on a sharpness of the managing director of management, most likely it is connected with that Vazovtsa, establish as before the truncated operating lath and a wheel does заместо 4 necessary turns, only three. Between wheels face-to-face the firmness stabilizer cross-section which a little lowered inclinations, but now is established and сносы axes of a face-to-face part will appear more often, than it is necessary.
Very much amuse, in model Grant Lada comfortable options of a suspension bracket which steel it is perceptible better. In the main thing the Lada model of the Grant is not armed kondyuky therefore it is necessary to use for heating of salon an oven, regulating an air stream by means of a zaslonka. Window regulators and mirrors in the car should be adjusted manually. In salon is where freely to hold even very much to the tallest person. Dimensions of a luggage carrier are truly enormous. And from back passenger sitting you hardly will be in ecstasy. The continuous back of sitting fixed from both parties, will bring troubles to the owner if that захотит it to spread out. Clamps along the edges of a back need to be reaped at once. For passengers the trip on back sitting of your car, also will not be comfortable because the raised floor does not allow feet to be located comfortably.
All additional details and devices can be got in a web shop. It is also possible to get a turnbuckle on the Grant, and skilled masters will establish it on your car. All production in shop has the property certificate, passed all necessary tests and loadings. Introduction for painting of highly technological polymeric paints allow a product to serve it is long. Protect it from impact of corrosion.
Also in representations Grant Lada, you find everything the information necessary to a techno. Skilled masters will manage to promote in the decision though to what appeared difficulty.
Cost on the car is in dependence from a complete set. It is in addition possible to get and establish the equipment, the central lock, luggage carrier opening, by button pressing from salon, the amplifier of a wheel and the alarm system.

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