Reliable protection for your bike and the car: Pandora DXL 4200

Reliable protection for your bike and the car: Pandora DXL 4200
Many owners of cars already managed to estimate advantages which provide security systems of brand Pandora. And everything who except the car still has also a bike, long since the question already interested: when, when as reliable systems will be let out and for bikes?
Pandora DXL 4200 it:
Seven independent zones security.
Possibility to start, muffle and block the motor from the mobile phone.
Actually communication radius the unlimited.
Small sizes.
Intellectual voice interface.
Power efficiency.
Protection against all types of breaking, including against electric breaking.
Protection of the driver against assault.
High level of reliability.
Very provided functional.
The bike for completely obvious reasons for car thieves becomes an easy mark. To steal it it is simpler, than the car. And there is a modern bike absolutely not cheaply. And that range of means of protection which was in the market before emergence from the novelty company "Alarm Trade" did not guarantee safety of a bike. The novelty of 2012 from "Alarm Trade" — is developed the Pandora DXL 4200 motor-alarm system — taking into account all features of motor-equipment and all needs of the motorcyclist. It not simply the alarm system for a bike with all advantages inherent in production of this brand. It is the GSM alarm system. In other words, besides actually not limited radius of communication, a comfort maximum in the course of use, very provided functional.
Perfectly this model and is suitable for the cars which have not been equipped with the digital tyre CAN. All pluses which the GSM alarm system in principle is capable to provide, are now available also to owners of economical cars. Having mounted the alarm system on the car, you will not lose any its useful function. In total its security and service properties absolutely remain. At you is both a bike and the car? Reasonable price of the latest security system will allow you to protect all the hardware firmly.

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