Tyre DUELER N/R car Sports

Tyre DUELER N/R car Sports
Summer cars of the tyre of the HP-Sport brand is traditional production of dynamic character which absolutely is suitable for a crossover or the vedovy car maintaining in the city district on the highest speed. The producer improved external shape of new models of production, having raised and safety of its operation.

That on advantage to estimate tyres DUELER H/P Sports, it is necessary to ascertain, at first, quality of coupling of these tyres with a paving. But it besides small level of noise at operation, also the general comfort of the car.

Properties of tyres of this brand:
Appointment – a car of SUV of the class "premium";
Signs of speeds are declared to V, W, Y;
Compression mould with trimming technology application;
The large quantity of silicon contains in structure;
Advanced design of a protector;
Realisation both in a unique complete set, and on free sale.

Production of the DUELER H/P SPORT brand is car of the tyre which create specially for class "premium" cars off-road vehicles. To them on forces not very well what even the most difficult road situation, beautiful coupling will allow to pass though what turn with ease of a sport car. Movement is very counterbalanced with such tyres and will be transformed to true pleasure for the driver though what class. This production was developed with specialisation on highways.

In tyres from this producer the cool structure of rubber consistences is applied to a protector which is supported with its unique design. Wear resistance of such tyres provides inclusion in composition of rubber of silicon, also special power framework protecting tyres from damages. Developed with application of modern computer capacities the sketch of a protector comprises the four-channel water drainage providing not bad, harmless coupling even at journey on a damp paving.

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