The oceanaut – shop of auto parts

The oceanaut - shop of auto parts
Spare parts on the car are urgently necessary for you? But you would not like to spend time for searches of details suitable you? With the solution of the matter you will be helped by "Okeanavto" website. Having visited it, you can find everyone to sink down on your car, to get it for kutsy time.
The oceanaut – shop of auto parts for such import cars, as Nissan, Skoda, Mazda, Ford, Mitsubishi, Infiniti and others. The shop website povsevremenno develops, new models of cars povsevremenno are added. It makes the activity since 2009, since May. At first own activity the shop was engaged in sale of auto parts only for all models of the car Nissan. But everything flows and develops, therefore at present it is possible to order auto parts actually for all import cars.
The website is equipped with comfortable search in the catalogue of ordinary and exclusive spare parts on various models of cars. If you have data on detail number, it will be easy to you to find demanded auto parts. Products which are presented at us, have the highest quality and a guarantee. Also we presented the catalogue of accessories to the most popular models of import cars. In it there is a wide choice of accessories from all recognizable producers.
It is possible to execute the order of a detail according to number which you can find on the website. After a product choice, send it in a basket. Pay a product you can after delivery by the courier. Upon product purchase in an office, the order is paid on a place. Not including it, it is possible to pay in the Savings Bank or through a web. On the website of this shop there is a special service – the adviser online under the title милсервис.ру. Through it you can contact the manager who will answer all your questions outright. At present the main office of our website is to the address: Moscow, Sirenevy Boulevard, house 21, 2nd floor. We want to suggest to glance to you in our office, to visit the website and to acquire production suitable you.

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