New tyres Michelin X-IceNorth-3

New tyres Michelin X-IceNorth-3
Engineers of the Michelin company let out the latest shipovanny winter rubber, having improved chain characteristics of firm tyres and having reduced at all this number of thorns on it.

How it was possible?
– In – 1-x, on comparison to former model of thorns became less on the third part, and not on the initiative of developers: standards of the Scandinavian states limited number of thorns in tyres to 50 on metre. Such makary in these countries decided to keep an asphalt covering.
– In – 2-x, producers perfectly worked over that tyres of Michelin did not lose the properties, and opposite, improved them at the expense of sensible engineering decisions.

«X–IceNorth–3» are carried out from thermoactive rubber structure: it is dependent on external temperature an inside layer of this material changes degree of own rigidity. The more cold on the street, the rubber is firmer, and thorns get to ice more feasibly, pressing on a surface with bigger intensity. And at "plus" the material becomes softer, the thorn leaves deep into rubbers and does not press on asphalt therefore also tyres serves still longer.

If the cool winter road surfacing is cleared of ice, and the thorn has no place to filter, thanks to the smallest quantity of thorns the spot of contact will be more on the area. Therefore coupling with a cool dry covering will be better. At all this requirements of the new standards protecting a paving are made.

Thanks to physical characteristics of the latest production on such tyres of Michelin huge service life of thorns (for 25 percent) are defined. This result was influenced also by increase of the basis of a thorn to 10 percent at width. The next technical course – by-pass a well round a thorn in which the ice crumb which is forming round a thorn at movement on the freezed covering leaves. That roundish well helps to clean it from a contact spot.

Having reduced quantity of thorns, engineers of the manufacturing company developped quantity of sectors of a protector for 15 percent. It strengthened draught level on snow. The design of humeral zones is reconsidered also – now the tyre passes on колеям and in the deepest snowdrift more comfortably. Obmyslena and resilience when hydroplaning new tyres. On brand new drawing of drainage channels there is an expansion from the centres of tyres to humeral zones.

In practice testing of new tyres "X-IceNorth-3" showed excellent characteristics at journey on the iced-over zigzag routes chosen for indicative demonstrations of abilities of the latest production. At all this tyres "X-IceNorth-3" and other models of tyres were established on monotonous models of a car to which were given monotonous abilities for passing of the difficult route. It appeared that new tyres of "Michelin" are better dispersed and give braking, keep on turns even more surely, more quickly on some km there pass bends. Impartially such tyres pass difficult turns with the best indicators, without flying from the district.

The greatest diameter of tyres "Michelin" of the latest development established on wheels of a car, achieves 20 inches, small is equated to fifteen inches.

New tyres Michelin X-IceNorth-3

Winter new tyres "X-IceNorth-3" surpass last versions though here developers and were obliged to reduce quantity of thorns in all consumer characteristics, thanks to their finds of the characteristic of coupling and service life of this production only won.

Creation of such tyres is successfully started, at all this tyres of the last generation will cost no more, than the previous version. In 2013 31 sizes of tyres, in a range from 20 to 15 inches in a diameter inclusive will be available, and by next year number of the let-out sizes plan to develop to 35.

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