Navipilot on Android in a car

Navipilot on Android in a car
The Android operating system which very surely feels in the market of phones, is now presented and in other sector of mobile equipment. Not so long ago on the Russian market there was the 1st multimedia navigation modern centre for a car which too works under control of «Android» from «Google».

The novelty under Navipilot title on Android impresses with own functionality. It can be used and as completely worthy candidate to "multimediyka" of the car, and it is very good to supplement it.

Installation of the device create in the dashboard so that it was not allocated from the general interior design in salon of your car. Sockets are executed on very usual technologies so no difficulties with installation will exist. In total producer executed more than 40 versions of the navigation centre, any is calculated on comparability to one of the most favourite models of a car.

What the motorist together with such device gets? Here the GPS navigator is built in, there are functions of reception of FM/AM, DVD/TV/MP3/MP4 player, available «Bluetooth», a high-speed Web on networks 4G/3G and Wi-fi works. Comparability to iPod/iPhone is provided also, harmonious integration with all onboard systems of the car works.

All these useful pleasures are available on the high-quality, contrast and brightest image of "HD" of the monitor, work of the navigation centre the most powerful modern microprocessor (FreeScale i.MX 51) provides, 512 Mb of "operativka".

Navigation aaplets here are installed on any preferences, and in program abilities navigation is represented licence by "Navitel". This device differs from analogues the highest properties of assembly, actually unlimited abilities and application of the most modern devices.

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